Mission - Vision

The reason for the existence of Gazi University Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture is to be a distinguished department that conducts original research in architectural sciences at an international level, trains high-quality architects with its constantly developing education system, and arouses prestige in its country with its aforementioned qualifications. It is committed to train architects, those who are equipped with contemporary knowledge and skills, have a critical perspective, are compatible with teamwork, can renew themselves and can lead their environment.

Academic duty

Gazi University Faculty of Architecture aims to raise high-qualified individuals for the future of the country, to present its scientific, technical and artistic works and services for the benefit of the society, in the light of universal values and in the context of Atatürk's Principles and Revolutions together with ethical values.

Structural duty
  • To prioritize transparency and participation on the basis of efficiency, to create an educational environment that establishes the integrity of research-education-practice,

  • To support the researcher in line with his/her scientific studies on national and international platforms

  • To adapt to the changes and developments in the field of architectural profession.

Educational duty
  • To stand out with research-oriented, innovative and creative education programs by being at the forefront among Faculties of Architecture,

  • To be a leading faculty with its education at undergraduate and postgraduate levels with its educational and institutional structure in accordance with international peer evaluation criteria

  • To be student-centered in education and social-cultural activities,

  • To train members who are active and competitive in producing science and knowledge to represent the University in the national and international education and training network within the scope of its well-equipped academic cadre and infrastructure

  • Participating and hosting national and international events in line with qualified academic events, congresses, symposiums, seminars, panels and exchange programs.


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